Our Story

What started in 2016 as a dream, became reality in 2018.

From our practical point of view, gym concepts arise mainly from an idea and / or a philosophy linked to a vision. On this basis, an image is created that is linked to one or more specific colors. Through these color (s) the image, vision and philosophy of the gym come to life in the interior. This has a direct effect on the state of mind of athletes. The associations that these athletes will experience with their feelings and thoughts correspond with the concept of the sports center.

The emergence of a spontaneous idea!

The idea for the development of colored Barbells originated from our own experience. In 2016 we trained fanatically in our gym. We were focused on powerlifting and even competed in competitions. We noticed that we were getting tired of the old-fashioned iron with the gray look of our barbells. One day we came up with the idea of ​​having a red barbell made to breathe new life into our training sessions. No sooner said than done. When we started training with the new barbell, it generated even more enthusiasm than we had anticipated, and other athletes also became interested. We decided to have multiple colors made to experience the effects thereof. This is how the Black, the Blue, the Green and even a White Barbell were created. The reactions of the various athletes were positive. They started to develop a preference for their own specific color. This made us decide to immerse ourselves in color psychology and ultimately to establish Authentic Barbells. A company that strengthens gyms throughout Europe with this concept, which enhances quality, atmosphere and interior.

- Team Authentic Barbells

Energetic Red barbellReliable Blue BarbellHarmonious Green Barbell