The Power of Color for your Gym

To apply color psychology correctly, it is important to understand what certain colors stand for and what they mean. Below you will find not only the associations of the colors, but also the operation! We humans associate colors with thoughts and feelings. They bring us into a specific state of mind. If you are aware of these associations, you can use specific colors to reinforce your own philosophy, vision and the desired image of your sports center. If you apply the right colors in your interior, your athletes will achieve a stronger experience and bond with your gym. With this concept, you can distinguish yourself.

An example:

The philosophy / vision of Mark's sports center is that he wants to help and guide people. For this he uses certain catchwords in his expressions that represent this vision to him, such as: vitality, harmony, professionalism, knowledge, helpful, clean, innovative, tranquility, etc. These words are associated on a mental and emotional level with the colors Blue, Green and White. As soon as Mark applied these colors to his interior, his philosophy and vision were experienced more clearly by the athletes. A clear frame of mind and atmosphere arose in his gym. If Mark had opted for a Red interior, a dissociation would have arisen, a feeling that "it" is not quite right.  Because Mark has created an environment in which the image and the philosophy / vision reinforce each other, he distinguishes himself from the other gyms in the area.

Our eye-catching colored barbells can also reinforce your interior and bring it into harmony with your vision, your philosophy and the desired image.

Controlled White Barbell

  • White stimulates a feeling of clarity. It helps you to be clean and accurate. It symbolizes a new beginning and is one of the most neutral colors.
  • Associations: Clarity, Overview, Orderly, Clean, Cleanliness, Hygienic, Pure, Peace, Cleanness, Sharpness, Light, Peaceful, Organizing, Room, Enlightenment

Energetic Red Barbell

  • Red stimulates energy and triggers action. It is also known to give a feeling of trust and protection. More than any other color, red attracts a lot of attention.
  • Associations: Energy, Action, Passion, Fire, Perseverance, Love, Warmth, Fast, Excitement, Ambition, Passion, Seduction, Sensuality, Urgent, Targeted, Determined

Powerful Black Barbell

  • Black is considered the darkest color there is. It cultivates a feeling of power and authority. It can be overwhelming in large doses and is known to trigger emotions such as anger.
  • Associations: Power, Drive, Strength, Force, Strong, Anger, Boss, Destruction, Dignity, Authority, Serious, Conservative, Creative

Reliable Blue Barbell

  • Blue creates a feeling of calmness and trust. It is considered a ‘cool’ color in the literal sense of the word. It stimulates productivity and is associated with reliability.
  • Associations: Motion, Air, Dynamic, Endurance, Flow, Continuity, Sky, Ocean, Productivity, Professionalism, Trust, Sincerity, Stability, Coolness, Calm, Analytical, Loyalty,

Harmonious Green Barbell

  • Green has a calming effect on people. It relaxes you, both mentally and physically, and helps to lower nervousness and anxiety. 
  • Associations: Harmony, Relaxation, Nature, Forest, Grass, Tranquility, Rest, Relaxed, Peace, Prosperity, Living, Calmness, Spring, Caring, Helping

Playful Pink Barbell

  • Pink is a sweet color that is in proportion to femininity, beauty, love and care.
  • Associations: Youthful, Love, Friendship, Inwardly, Peace, Honor, Patience, Children and Family.

Mysterious Purple Barbell

  • The color Purple experience through the ages
    as luxury, style and wealth. In addition, it is a color seen as spiritual and associated with vision, truth and wisdom. The color is uplifting, calming and can stimulate creativity.
  • Associations: Luxury, Style, Wealth, Spiritual, Intuition,
    Decisiveness, Guidance, Counseling and Mediation, Dignity, Royal, Religion, Mysterious, Elegant, Vanity, Wisdom and Independence

Hercules Gold Barbell

  • Gold is associated with wealth and it is the most important color of the sun and its Gods.

  • Associations: Male Strength, Prosperity, Promotion, Health, Celebrity, Success, Fortune, Appreciation, Safety, Humor, Recognition, Greed, Sunny and Long Life.

Encouraging Orange Barbell

  • The color Orange is a mixed color between
    red and yellow, which stands for stimulation of the brain and appetite. Orange is an attention-grabbing color that conveys warmth and radiates enthusiasm. The combination of red and yellow makes orange one
  • Combination of the physical (red) and emotional (yellow). The color is of course also associated by the Dutch people with King's Day and football.

  • Associations: Optimism, Inviting,
    Joy, Solar, Pleasure, Power, Energy, Attention, Movement,
    Creativity, Playfulness and Accessibility. Sexual power,
    Enthusiasm, Fascination, Happiness, Attraction, Success,
    Encouragement and Stimulation