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Due to the fact that many athletes now train at home or outside with a barbell, we want to contribute to the safety of the weightlifting! We want to do this by offering a discount on our stylish barbell clamps!

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With our colored Olympic barbells, we play an important role in gyms, CrossFit boxes and physio practices. The "Eye-Catching" Barbells not only reinforce the interior, but especially the philosophy, vision and image of the company. This is done through Color!

We at Authentic Barbells have expertise in the field of Color Psychology and the working of Color. Colors play an important role in the choices that we make and the emotions we experience. Subconsciously, colors trigger us because we associate them with thoughts and feelings. These associations are rooted in the meaning of that color, as well as the personal experiences we have with that color.This brings athletes in a state of mind that corresponds with the philosophy, vision and image of the sports center.